Special Report | Immigration Trends and Challenges Impacting Global Mobility in APAC

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing landscape of practice and regulations, staying on top of immigration requirements and processes throughout Asia can prove quite challenging for global mobility professionals.

Not only can there be significant variances from one country to the next, but each assignee brings their own unique background, nationality, familial status, and other factors, which can further complicate the immigration process. As such, it has become increasingly difficult for global mobility professionals to attempt to make like-for-like comparisons, given the specific nuances surrounding each assignee. In fact, doing so in today’s ever-changing immigration climate is especially risky.

This white paper will provide an overview of the trends that seem to be precipitating the rapid changes to immigration processes in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) Region, as well as providing recommendations and best practices for companies when considering an employee for an assignment within these countries.

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