Supply Chain Management

TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network®

TheMIGroup’s internal, corporate Supply Chain Management (SCM) Department is responsible for the qualification, selection and management of Preferred Providers that make up TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network®. Through this network of providers, TheMIGroup offers clients the benefits of evaluated high-quality service and cost effective pricing by leveraging TheMIGroup’s global business.

Further, this provider selection process allows TheMIGroup to strategically consult with clients and offer the flexibility to engage in providers within TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® that best meet the needs of the Client’s mobility program.

The Supply Chain Management procurement process is comprised of three phases including:

  1. Strategic Sourcing (qualification);
  2. Contract and Procurement (evaluation, selection and implementation);
  3. Performance Management (ongoing management to ensure quality service delivery).

All data related to Providers in TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network®, including contact information, signed Service Agreements and fee schedules, Performance Management Scores and status are maintained in the SAP database.
TheMIGroup’s Relocation Managers and service delivery teams can access this information to select the appropriate provider for service delivery to our clients

TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® Providers

If your company is a member of the TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® and your company has changes to its Company Data (e.g. name, ownership, address, contacts, etc..), please submit your changes by completing the Change of Information Form

Please follow the instructions on the form when submitting to supply chain management.

Prospective Provider

If you would like to be considered to become a provider to TheMIGroup, please register by using the Prospective Provider Form.

Registration must be submitted electronically using the form. Provider information submitted in any other way will not be accepted. Please note, The MIGroup will collect and review the data on your registration form but cannot guarantee you will be contacted.

TheMIGroup is a privately-held relocation management company with no obligation to use service providers affiliated with or owned by a subsidiary, parent company, or any other entity. With the Freedom of Partner Choice™, TheMIGroup is able to work with the best providers available . These providers have earned their way into TheMIGroup Worldwide Partner Network® by demonstrating quality service delivery, innovation, competitive pricing, and ongoing training.