Financial Services

Program funding, employee expense processing, global compensation, tax reporting and integration and payroll coordination are examples of key elements in the life cycles of any comprehensive mobility program.

TheMIGroup has the technology financing, in-house expertise and processes to support our client’s compliance, reporting and funding needs in all financial areas.

Program Funding

TheMIGroup has the financial resources to fund mobility transactions and the processes in place to make rapid and accurate payments. Examples of mobility funding include: employee expense reimbursements, recurring payments, rents, deposits, school fees, tax payments, equity advances.

Expense Processing

Our web-based software ReloWeb® allows employees to submit their expenses online right into our SAP database. Each client is configured uniquely with respect to client policies and accounting codes. Submitted receipts are audited to policy and verified by our expense reporting team. Our integrated SAP ERP technology is well designed to both track and report on these funding and expense requirements in a secure, timely and accurate manner.