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Rio Olympics – Relocation Challenges

Have you found yourself surrounded by an unusual number of toned athletes and selfie-stick-bearing tourists lately? The Olympics are probably in town. This summer, for the first time, South America is welcoming the games, and Rio de Janeiro is soon to play host to over 10,000 athletes from more than 200 member nations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). With hundreds of thousands of spectators expected, the city will be a-buzz!

Rio de Janiero Olympic Games | August 5-21

Paralympic Games | September 7-18

This can be an exciting experience for relocating employees and their families, however it is important to prepare for inevitable service delays during the event to help better manage expectations and create a contingency plan, if necessary. Below is a quick guide of what to expect as a relocating employee during the Olympics, and how to plan accordingly:


Household Goods

The Brazilian Government has declared August 5th, 18th, and 22nd to be citywide holidays due to the major events taking part on each day. As a result, there will be a ban on trucks and cargo vehicles on certain roads, which may impact cargo pick-up or delivery. If possible, try to plan around these days to ensure timely arrival of household goods or general deliveries.


Temporary Housing

Temporary housing suppliers will not only be dealing with the increased demand from Olympics-related tourism, but this is also the peak season for tourism in general. As well, it is the preferred period for relocation for families who like to settle in during the summer holidays to allow children to finish the school year at their home school, and transition to their new school at the start of the school year.  Hotel prices are also inflated by almost 200% during this period. If flights have not yet been booked, it is strongly advised that travel be planned around the games to avoid a frustrating scramble for accommodations.


Health and Safety

As with any gathering of this size, safety is always a concern, so encourage your family to be aware of their surroundings, avoid venue stations if you are not attending a game, and have a list of emergency numbers handy (i.e. Police, Fire Department, Credit Card Customer Support).

For those assignees looking to vacate the city during the games and take to the open road, ensure that you communicate with your mobility manager and familiarize yourself with any areas within or outside the country that may by high-risk areas for the Zika virus, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Despite these challenges, there is no better event than the Olympics to truly bring the world together, and what a vibrant time to explore your new city! Join in the excitement of welcoming the first Olympic Games to South America, and don’t forget to purchase a ticket to the games.

Source: MRS Global