INSIDE TheMIGroup TheMIGroup’s Laurissa Norwick is Elected to RDC’s Relocation Management Advisory Council

TheMIGroup is very pleased to announce the 2014 appointment of Laurissa Norwick, Vice President, Domestic Consulting & Process Management, to the Relocation Management Advisory Council of the Relocation Directors Council (RDC).

Established in October 2003, the purpose of the Council is to further the cooperation, collaboration and partnership between Relocation Directors and the third party providers. Members of the Relocation Management Advisory Council are nominated by the membership of RDC and are elected by its Board of Directors.
Laurissa joined TheMIGroup in 2004 and has played a pivotal role in establishing TheMIGroup as a strategic provider of domestic relocation services within our industry. In her role, Laurissa is responsible for identifying innovative approaches to domestic service delivery and to client engagements.

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