07.05.18  |  News

Press Release – May 07 2018

We are excited to announce that effective May 2018, TheMIGroup has been acquired by Weichert Workforce Mobility.

Weichert is a large and well-respected mobility company that services all aspects of the mobility industry. The addition of TheMIGroup represent a core expansion of Weichert’s service offering, resulting in an organization that will manage over 40,000 moves annually, supporting 500 clients worldwide.

The combination of the two companies, with a collective 90 years of experience in international and domestic mobility, will be a unique and interesting value proposition within the mobility industry. This merger will deliver a broader menu of global mobility solutions to our clients, including the addition of Weichert Mobility Tax Services, a fully integrated expatriate tax firm solution, a robust assignment tax and compensation practice, broad integrated supply chain strategies, and industry leading consulting solutions.

We believe that the combination of Weichert and TheMIGroup will allow us to continue to provide our clients with exceptional service, financial stability, and leading industry thought-leadership.

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