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Celebrating 40 Years of TheMIGroup

A message from our Founder and Chairman, Bryan Bennett.

Our story begins back in 1976, when I was in my third year of managing a western Canadian moving company, which I had joined with the intent to help them turn around financially and eventually buy the operation. At the time, they were primarily a Canadian domestic multi-branch van line with very little international moving. I believed that there was a great business opportunity for International relocation to walk alongside a world growing from the impetus of Globalization, the growth driver of the times. Convincing Colin Gordon a very experienced and well known British international moving executive to emigrate to Canada, was the first step in bringing the necessary international knowledge needed.  In 1978, we bought a Toronto-based moving company which we named Movers International, and were fortunate to join FIDI and other industry associations….essential brotherhoods of international movers that encouraged and facilitated the mutual benefits of reciprocity with the movement of household goods around the world.

Over the next 20 years we grew rapidly as globalization had indeed become a factor in the growth of the world market and we had expanded to the U.S. and had 10 North American offices.  But there was still room to grow to keep pace with major US Van Lines who were starting to wake up to the international opportunity. From our North American base, supported by an excellent global network of agents/partners, we further enhanced our coverage by branching out to the sophisticated global regions centered in the broad areas of London and Hong Kong. With an integrated footprint of company-owned offices that included London, New York, Houston, San Francisco and Hong Kong, we were clearly recognized as a truly global participant. No relocation supplier is everywhere in the world, and those that are too big, struggle to staff and maintain quality outcomes everywhere.

As we hit our 20th anniversary, a shift was happening in the industry, and it became apparent that being an International specialist was no longer sufficient; we needed to meet the demands of our buyers to handle all aspects of relocation! We purchased a small domestic relocation company in the USA and under Rick Bennett, started a program to hire and train staff so that we could offer home sale and other domestic services from all of our offices. This appealed to the growing number of corporate buyers who were reducing their in-house knowledge and capacity to provide relocation services internally, and were gaining a preference to outsource their whole relocation program. We spent the next 10 years expanding our knowledge and capacity to manage such diverse services as immigration, expatriate expense management, GCS, and many more now on our service list. Finally, we cemented this evolution from an International moving specialist by changing our name from Movers International to TheMIGroup, and characterized our business as a full service Relocation Management Company.

While the physical activities intended to grow TheMIGroup were taking place, we were also constantly working at building the great staff of people, built around a core of Relocation Managers. For people that enjoy people, there is no better venue than relocation, as it truly is all about people. When we started the business, I struggled with the title of Relocation Manager as I thought, and still think the job was like the conductor of an orchestra. The conductor directs and coordinates the many musicians that bring their varied instruments into the music at the right time, balancing the right pitch and the right notes so that the music is synchronized into a beautiful melody of sound as intended by the composer. It has always been, and continues to be my opinion that managing and coordinating the many individual people and pieces inherent in arranging and delivering  great relocations, also results in the music of success with happy transferees and satisfied clients.

As the Founder, as we all go forward into TheMIGroup’s 41st year, I would like to give a warm thanks to the many fine members of the MI family, our valued clients, and our trusted partners that have contributed to our years of success, and I wish you all the best as we progress.


Happy 40th Birthday to TheMIGroup.


Bryan Bennett

April 1, 2018