Mission Statement

TheMIGroup recognizes that in the course of carrying out our daily business of Global Relocation Management, our activities have a potential impact on our environment. We are committed to manage these activities in a manner, which is always mindful of this impact, and which will at all times focus on minimizing the impact.At all times, we will operate our business activities in a manner which is environmentally sensitive and which will focus on reducing our carbon footprint.We will continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating procedures, with regular reviews that monitor our progress and will encourage our service providers, our customers and our staff to do the same.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will implement procedures to ensure compliance.
  2. We will provide a safe and healthy workplace and ensure that personnel are properly trained and have appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  3. We will endeavor to be a leader in our industry in providing environmental quality by minimizing waste and emissions, reusing and recycling, reducing the use of natural resources and foster pollution prevention efforts throughout the company and its service providers in all our business activities.
  4. We will be an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities where we operate and act promptly and responsibly to correct incidents or conditions that endanger health, safety or the environment.
  5. We will assess the environmental effects of all activities in all of our facilities.
  6. We will monitor and review our facilities and our procedures on a regular basis and will establish goals for continuous improvement in all matters concerning the environment.
  7. We will conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials and using recyclable packaging and other materials.
  8. We will ensure the responsible use of energy throughout our business, including conserving energy, improving energy efficiency and giving preference to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.
  9. We will aim to incorporate and integrate environmental considerations into our business planning and investment decisions.
  10. We will raise awareness within the company by involving and training our employees in all aspects of environmental responsibility and will encourage participation by inviting suggestions from employees for improvement in our environmental performance.
  11. We will expect similar expectations and performance in environmental standards by all of our supply chain.
  12. We will work with the local community by donating outdated equipment and unwanted furniture from customers to non-profit or charity organizations.
  13. Every employee and every contractor is expected to follow this policy and to report any environmental, health or safety concern to management. Management are expected to take prompt and appropriate corrective action.
  14. Our policy will be made available to the public via our corporate website.

TheMIGroup Environmental Policy Planning

Packaging:Our packaging procedures to protect customers' furniture and personal items involve the extensive use of paper products. Our current packaging products are chlorine free and are manufactured utilizing a high percentage of recycled and post-consumer content. Used packaging is compacted, baled and recycled.Fuel Emissions:Our truck fleets have been reduced in quantity and size of vehicles and are fuelled by diesel fuel. Routine utilization of these trucks, especially in city centers, results in pollution. Vehicles are checked to ensure they comply with provincial or state emission limits. GPS Systems are utilized to ensure shortest transit times to avoid unnecessary idling and excessive fuel consumption, to reduce the fuel emissions into the environment.Office Waste: In the normal course of our business, there is a high usage of printed-paper products and a requirement for regular upgrading of electronic equipment. Kitchen areas supply washable cups and glasses. Dishwasher is available and runs one cycle per day. Kitchen areas are each provided with disposal bins for paper recycling, bottles and cans recycling and garbage. Each workstation has bins for paper product recycling and for garbage.Information Technology:TheMIGroup is committed to the destruction of IT assets (i.e. computers, printer, etc.) in a manner that ensures that our legislative and environmental obligations are met. Assets are securely transferred to advanced recovery centers and are logged in a tracking and tracing system before the data is securely wiped. Hazardous substances such as the lead found in CRT’s (cathode ray tubes) in computer monitors and printer cartridges are removed and further processed in an environmental friendly manner. Remaining assets are shredded and component raw materials recycled or further processed. Full audit trails with certification is provided.TheMIGroup makes extensive usage of teleconferencing to reduce unnecessary travel. TheMIGroup is exploring the use of videoconferencing equipment as an alternative to travel to reinforce the company’s goal of reducing emissions and improving its environmental impact.TheMIGroup has developed technology solutions to support paperless business process including extensive use of online initiatives, reporting online, integration between our technology platform and our client’s technology platforms, wire transfers, direct deposits instead of checks, use of electronic vs. paper invoices from suppliers and to clients.Maintenance and Cleaning: Cleaning materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible. We will only use licensed and appropriate organizations with trained personnel to dispose of waste.Supply Chain:The nature of our Supply Chain around the world is widely varied, consisting of many very different specialty businesses, both large and small and located in parts of the world with quite different cultures and a variety of environmental standards. Many of them are already well advanced in their own environmental awareness and policies. Others operate within cultures that still have very little national awareness of the need for urgent environmental action. We are committed to doing business with environmentally responsible suppliers.Office Environment – Energy Savings Initiatives:Educate and encourage employees to be energy-conscious and to offer ideas about how energy can be saved. Employee buy-in and involvement can make or break your company's efforts to conserve energy.To conserve energy and reduce internal heat gain, turn off computers, monitors, printers and copiers during non-business hours. Maintain reasonable temperatures in the office in both summer and winter.Organization and Responsibilities: The Chief Executive Officer has the ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the MI Environmental Policy and the provision of resources to ensure that the policy is implemented and maintained at all levels.A Global Environmental Manager will be appointed at corporate level to support business centers and to co-ordinate with the board.At each business center, responsibility belongs to the senior manager (Client Services or Client Relations Vice President.), who will appoint a "Green Champion". Green Champions will form a BC "Green Committee", made up of the Green Champions from each business center and corporate departments. The Green Committee will meet at least once per year or more frequently as required.Green Champions will be responsible to coordinate the implementation of the MI Environmental Policy and to channel and record ideas and suggestions from the BC Green Teams.All BC Green Champions shall hold regular networking meetings to share actions, ideas and policy progress. Meetings to be chaired by the Global Environmental Manager, who will be responsible for recording all actions, suggestions, progress and documenting minutes of the meetings to the board.

Awareness & Communication:

TheMIGroup encourages the use of paperless communication with our clients, providers and asks that recipients of our email consider “Before printing, think about the environment”.The success of the MI Environmental Policy rests on the awareness, commitment of all staff to environmental issues and environmental management. It is of utmost importance to develop individual employee understanding, involvement and participation in the achievement of the goals of the MI Environmental Policy.To this end, all employees should be made aware of:

  • TheMlGroup’s Environmental Policy,
  • The impact and potential impact of their own as well as TheMIGroup activities on the environment,
  • Specific individual actions and responsibilities that they can take that can reduce the impact on the environment.

Open dialogue and two way communication channels should be developed and participation encouraged by:

  • A special section on the corporate intranet (MIwiki) - "Green Scene"
  • Regular local BC Green team meetings
  • Sharing of views, ideas and suggestions through direct communication or social media

Management Review:

The Board of Directors will review the MI Environmental Policy periodically to ensure that it is operating in accordance with its intentions and is suitable, sufficient and effective. The Board will review, progress towards achievement of the goals of the policy, corrective action required and taken and all suggestions and recommendations submitted by the Global Environmental Manager. Recommendations and suggestions will be discussed, approval or rejection to proceed with recommendations and further action will be communicated to the Global Environmental Manager.The Chief Executive Officer will ensure that all staff is aware of the Board's commitment to the continual improvement of the company's environmental performance by regular (semiannually) bulletins distributed to all staff.