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TheMIGroup is a privately held global relocation outsource company owned by its working management with a focus on service delivery excellence through flexibility, technology, process management and supply chain management. TheMIGroup operates 11 offices with locations in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA.

TheMIGroup delivers a full range of global mobility and relocation service solutions. We support the success of our clients' mobility programs through relocation services management, assignment management, compensation services, consulting, supply chain management, move management and technology.

TheMIGroup's international moving services are second to none. We handle over 20,000 relocations a year and are a quality leader in the industry for consumers and corporations. TheMIGroup can handle a move from/to anywhere in the world under the guidance of our highly trained relocation managers.

TheMIGroup is committed to thought leadership. Our staff develops and publishes articles for our clients and HR professionals and we source relevant articles and publications in such areas as global human resources management, global mobility management, industry trends and the legal/tax environment.