China Rising | Best Practices in Relocation to China

The final installment in our China Rising Whitepaper Series; we’re exploring the top best practice approaches to relocation within China, a long-time hub for international business and mobility. Adopting these programs and policy specifications will help your organization avoid common pitfalls, and allow you to plan for the highest level of success for your relocating employees and their families.

As discussed in the first two whitepapers in this series, A New Normal: A New Mobility, and The Biggest Challenges in China Relocation, despite being a foreign business hot-spot, there exist several hurdles that can make relocation to China a challenge for both the company and the assignee. Given the complexities surrounding relocation to this region, companies are encouraged to develop China-specific policies as a supplement to their global policy. This serves as a source of comfort for relocating assignees who can be assured that all special considerations have been addressed, while also acting as a recruitment tool to attract other candidates to the assignment.

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