UFO Club

For over 20 years, TheMIGroup has been sending out Unidentified Foreign Objects (“UFO”) to our customers, agents and providers around the globe.

Go Green Bag Organizer

Just when you thought your shopping experience couldn’t get any easier. Well it can.

Avocado Slicer

Comes in handy around the kitchen, especially when preparing some of your favorite Tex-Mex treats.

Magnetic Clip

Take this anywhere and it will lend a helpful hand in your home, office or even abroad.


If less really is more, then this gadget will simplify tasks. Spread the word and reveal the fruits of your labor.

Chiller Coaster

We want you to relax and let things cool down. Under the right conditions and a little time, you will notice the temperature change.

Spaghetti Measure

This little item is a great help in the kitchen, particularly at dinner time. Whether for one, two or three people, this gadget can make the decision of how much is enough – easy.

Toothpaste Squeezer

One of our employees found this little gadget on a visit to his local pharmacy. It could well be the latest advance in oral hygiene!

Sandwich Wrapper

If you are an environmentally conscientious individual, this wonderful re-usable item fits the bill. No need to get things wrapped up in plastic anymore. It will make something tasty, appear even tastier. Once you’re done, wash and wipe. It’s that simple.

Multi-Purpose Cutter

It’s a cutter gadget, it can be used to cut things like coupons, photos and paper for scrapbooking or cutting out your favorite articles from a magazine or newspaper.

Disposable Soap Sheets

This item really couldn’t be handier. It keeps germs at bay and is rather easy on the nose. It’s great for kids and adults too! So keep it nearby because you never know.

Mobile Screen Cleaner

Sometimes things are not always as transparent as they should be. Do you ever feel that things in your life are simply not clear enough and are affecting your ability to communicate properly? Don’t despair! We came across this little gadget in an electronics store. It will help clear up the little picture for you.

Multi-Task Opener

This little item might not open many doors for you, but its multi-purpose functionality will help you gain access to all kinds of wonderful things! It can be used indoors or out, in the kitchen, the living room and even at a picnic!

Digital Screen & Keyboard Cleaner

So how many people do you know who are both technologically inclined and domestically fastidious? Should you be aware of anyone with such a complex personality, then this multi-purpose little gadget may be of great use to them.

Cell Phone Charger Stand

Believe it or not, one of our employees found this little nugget during a visit to one of North America’s most prominent electronic gadget stores. It is designed to provide a convenient way for people to remain connected on a mobile basis, without running out of “gas”, as it were.

Mini Cincher Bag Clip

What’s this? If held at a certain angle it looks like something developed from an old Packman computer game! However, on closer inspection you will see it is but a pale imitation and something that is used for an entirely different purpose. Here’s a clue – it was found by one of our Beijing based providers in an appliance store, and it could help keep your veggies fresh…

Staple Remover

This little tool looks like something that could be used in an operating room or dental surgery, but then, maybe not! Here's a clue – it was picked up in an office equipment store in Mississauga, Canada, and it is a new take on something that's used everyday in an office environment.

Poly Scrapper

Is one of your favourite pastimes being creative in the kitchen? Do you enjoy preparing all kinds of culinary delights for your friends and family? If so then this little gadget, which one of our providers found in a “Piggly Wiggly” in Arkansas, will help ease your pain at the end of a long day in the kitchen.