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TheMIGroup is a leading relocation management company delivering
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Our pledge to our clients is to be vested in their success,
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TheMIGroup Insights

Regional Insights

The Future of Foreign Business in Argentina

This September, TheMIGroup in collaboration with Labs Relocation Services Argentina, hosted a webinar by Lorraine Sandford, Managing Partner at Labs, titled The Future of Foreign Business in Argentina.

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Regional Insights

Moving to Baltimore: What you need to know

The Metropolitan Baltimore Region is a premiere cultural center, teeming with diversity, art, architecture, and history.

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Mobility Program Management

Reimagining the Lump Sum

With the tightening of financial belts felt within many organizations, stricter budgets and a loss of personnel has driven an increase in the number of Lump Sum programs dotting the mobility map.

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New house buy concept
Policy and Benchmarking

Home Sale Bonuses: Are They Worth It?

Any transferee will confirm that relocation can be extremely exciting, however most will also agree that the home sale process is often a daunting one. Selling a home is not only stressful from a psychological standpoint, but also from a financial one. To mitigate some of this stress, many organizations opt to include some form of home sale assistance for their relocating employees.

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Mobility Program Management

The Changing Role of Global Mobility

There has been a palpable shift in the role of global mobility professionals over the past few years.

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Oil and Gas
Best Practices & Trends

Oil and Gas Real Estate Market Update

After the collapse of oil and gas prices over the past year, the economic impact on locations supporting the industry has been substantial. Globally over 350,000 jobs have been lost in the sector. The uncertainty in the oil and gas sector is high, with some analysts suggesting that the recent price increases are being driven by speculative activity and can’t last.

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A Comprehensive Online Resource for Program Management

TheMIGroup designed ReloWeb® to provide our clients and their employees with quick and easy access to all relocation information,
delivering invaluable online tools and services to manage the relocation process.


A secure global management resource for our clients and their employees.


The ease and flexibility to access comprehensive standard and custom reporting online.