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Best Practices & Trends

Alternative Assignment Types

While rotational assignments were traditionally utilized exclusively by oil & gas and mineral extraction companies to alleviate the burden on employees operating within remote or hostile locations, this type of alternative assignment is now gaining traction across a broad range of industries due to its success in fusing synergetic connections between talent management and global mobility.

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Best Practices & Trends

2016 A Year in Review: Flexibility is Key

One of the key mobility buzzwords of 2016: “Alternative”! This year, we’ve witnessed a palpable shift away from traditional, as businesses reach for outside-the-box solutions to address the need to balance tight budgets, changing employee demographics, and fierce competition for top global talent.

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Best Practices & Trends

2016 A Year in Review: Rising Expatriate Costs

The Global Mobility Industry has had some hurdles to overcome this past year; volatile global markets, political unrest, growing security fears, and challenges in world events have not only impacted several business and industries, but also led to an overall increase in the cost of the expatriate package.

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Regional Insights

China: A New Normal, a New Mobility

For the past 3 decades, China has experienced an unprecedented economic boom; with an average economic growth of about 10% over the past 30 years, the country has successfully secured themselves as one of the top world economies.

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Best Practices & Trends

The Changing Role of Global Mobility

There has been a palpable shift in the role of global mobility professionals over the past few years.

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Beijing: Import Regulations Strictly Enforced | Issue #116

Beijing Customs is strictly enforcing existing import regulations on luxury and high value items, i.e. clothes, bags, shows, watches, ornaments, upright pianos, kitchenware, sports equipment, carpets, scooters, etc. Holders of a Chinese Work & Residence Permit valid for 365 days: each luxury item with a purchase value of RMB 5000 and above must be itemized and declared.

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A Comprehensive Online Resource for Program Management

TheMIGroup designed ReloWeb® to provide our clients and their employees with quick and easy access to all relocation information,
delivering invaluable online tools and services to manage the relocation process.


A secure global management resource for our clients and their employees.


The ease and flexibility to access comprehensive standard and custom reporting online.